Hungary acts as is morally right
27. 03. 2022.
Hungary acts in connection with the war in Ukraine precisely as is morally right, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in a video posted on his Facebook account on Sunday.

On Sunday in Szentendre, meeting with members of the electorate, the Prime Minister said “the leader of the Left, Ferenc Gyurcsány tells us that we are a lousy nation. If we don’t send soldiers, don’t send weapons, if we don’t take part in this war, we’re a lousy nation.”

He said “we must send out a very clear message that we’re a great nation, and in this war, too, we’re standing our ground outstandingly well. We have provided and are providing assistance for more than 500,000 people in trouble. We’re a great country which acts exactly as it should morally, but no one can expect us to take part – even at the cost of human lives – in a war which is not our war”.

Mr Orbán highlighted that this is the war of two other nations.

“We understand what’s happening, we see the suffering, but we can’t help by destroying ourselves in the meantime, sending our children to a war that we have nothing to do with, and by which we stand to win nothing, but can lose everything,” said the Prime Minister.