Hungary and Germany are natural allies
25. 10. 2017.
“Hungary and Germany are natural allies, and this must remain so in future”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Tuesday in Passau.

The Prime Minister visited the tomb of Queen Gisela of Hungary in Niedernburg Convent, where in his short speech he highlighted that: If “our German friends” had to find a country with which “they had never been at war for at least a thousand years, they would be hard pressed to find any apart from us”.

Photo: Zoltán Máthé/MTI

“The history of the Hungarians is ‘shrouded in shadow’, and so what we do know about it for certain is particularly valuable, and one such thing is that King Saint Stephen brought himself a wife from Bavaria”, he noted.

“At the time, the country’s ruler could not have known ‘what a good thing he was doing for us by doing this’, because when we now have to respond to malicious criticism that calls into question the fact that Hungary is preserving European values, all we need to do is point to Gisela, and all criticism falls silent”, Mr. Orbán said.

“After our first king died, Hungary sank into a dark period of civil war, and the outcome and whether we would succeed in remaining faithful to Christianity was doubtful, but the heritage of Gisela and Stephen was so strong, and they were so well-respected, that the situation was successfully stabilised and consolidated”, the Prime Minister recalled.