Hungary and Mongolia are among the world’s successful nations
27. 01. 2016.
At a Hungarian-Mongolian business forum in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that that both Hungary and Mongolia are among the world’s successful nations, and that both have good reason to look forward to a bright future.

In his speech the Prime Minister emphasised that today Asia and its countries are becoming increasingly strong, and Hungary has also succeeded in establishing a socioeconomic system which has enabled it to end its former deep crisis. Now Hungary and its fellow Central European countries have become the engines of growth in Europe, he added.

Mr. Orbán said that he arrived in Mongolia together with five of his cabinet ministers and fifty businesspeople, and this clearly indicates that Hungary is very interested in achieving joint successes.

The Prime Minister also explained that the fates of Hungary and Mongolia are different: Hungarians looked for and found a new home for themselves, where they live as a unique nation, without any relatives in Europe; meanwhile Mongolians have safeguarded the treasures of their culture in their original home. Both nations are of the nation of Attila, and both are successful, he added.

Mr. Orbán said that the friendship between the two nations is also strengthened by the fact that each has a leader who has fought for the freedom of his nation.

Among the joint successes achieved so far, the Prime Minister emphasised that to date 400 Mongolian students have finished their studies in Hungary, and in the future 200 Mongolian students will be offered Hungarian state scholarships.

Another important achievement pointed out by Mr. Orbán is that Hungarian engineers are working in Mongolian water management, and that the biocombine now being renovated with the participation of Hungarian experts was also built with their assistance.

The Prime Minister said that as Hungary is not a large country it must focus on its strengths, such as agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry, the IT sector, and water management and engineering tasks.

Prime Minister of Mongolia Chimediin Saikhanbileg emphasised that Mongolia is rich in minerals, and Hungary has the necessary technology, therefore cooperation between the two countries can be highly beneficial for both.

Talking about the advantages of his country, Mr. Saikhanbileg emphasised that Mongolia’s geographical position is very favourable, as it is close to the Chinese and Far East markets, which might be of advantage to potential investors. Democratic institutions serve Mongolia’s stability and predictability, both of which are essential to all investments, he said.

In addition to the presence of minerals – such as coal and copper – the Mongolian prime minister also said that the country has a livestock population of sixty million, and the meat of pasture-raised animals can be sold as a high-quality product in any market.

Finally, the Mongolian prime minister said that the time has come to take cooperation between Hungary and Mongolia to the next level, as a closer cooperation can be of advantage to both.

Representatives of Hungarian and Mongolian organisations signed a number of cooperation agreements at the forum.