Hungary is sending further aid consignments to Ukraine
18. 03. 2022.
Hungary is sending further aid consignments to Ukraine, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Friday.

In a video posted on his social media account, Mr Orbán checked in from Záhony on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border where he said they had just sent off the next convoy of an enormous Hungarian aid consignment. He added that they are sending five truckloads of deliveries, including food, manufactured goods, especially for children, wound care supplies and medicines.

“We’re doing so because we are taking care not only of those who have fled the war, but because we also want to provide help for those who have stayed in Transcarpathia or on the far side of the Carpathians,” he stressed.

The Prime Minister also said he had inspected work at the Barabás border crossing station; there, too, police officers and state administration workers are making strenuous efforts. “I have to say, Hungarians have worked miracles,” he said.

He pointed out that in the past three days he had seen fantastic manifestations of solidarity and unity. He said thank you to police officers, disaster management workers, civil-society organisations and churches, and also specifically thanked municipal leaders and workers for their hard work, adding that at the beginning of the war the “flood” first hit local governments – they had to bear the brunt of the work – and they stood their ground very well.

Mr Orbán also said they will reinforce these border crossing points. In his view, there is a good chance that they will be able to continue work to the same high standards also during the weeks ahead.