Hungary is unable to join sanctions imposed in relation to Russian gas and oil
09. 03. 2022.
Hungary joining the energy sanctions imposed by the United States is out of the question because Hungary continues to need the gas and oil that come from Russia, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Wednesday.

“I made it clear that we’re unable to follow the example of the United States; yesterday, they imposed sanctions on these products. For Hungary this would result in an unbearable burden, and so us joining these sanctions is out of the question. We continue to need gas and oil coming from Russia,” the Prime Minister said in a video posted on Facebook.

He said this week “diplomacy has been in full swing” in the whole of Europe. With the Central European prime ministers they had talks in London yesterday, on Wednesday they had talks with the President of the European Council, while tomorrow all heads of state and government of the EU will meet in Paris.

He stressed that their efforts are focused on the restoration of peace, but they must pay at least as much attention to the economic consequences.

He stated that the economic sanctions introduced due to the war are grave; however, if sanctions were imposed in relation to oil and gas which Europe imports from Russia, the consequences would be far graver still.

He highlighted that additionally, Hungary would be affected disproportionately as 85 per cent of all gas consumed in Hungary comes from Russia, we operate 85 per cent of Hungarian households on a gas basis, and produce fuel from oil, 64 per cent of which also comes from Russia.