Hungary, Italy and Poland are planning their future together
01. 04. 2021.
At present, Christian democrats do not have appropriate representation in Europe, we are working in order to have a voice, representation and weight in European politics, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Thursday in Budapest.

The Prime Minister-President of Fidesz had talks with head of the Italian right-wing government party Lega Nord Matteo Salvini and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. After the meeting, he said they had discussed the issues that were most important from the viewpoints of their respective nations, and there was not a single topic on which they would not be able to reach a consensus; their national interests are not opposed on a single point.

He said they had agreed to engage in the debate about the future of Europe, and to set up a programme in the coming weeks regarding how to go about this.

This debate will be a good opportunity to make their values known in Europe and to reinforce them, he stated.

The Prime Minister said they met now because Fidesz decided to leave the European People’s Party (EPP), and they are now planning the future together and are discussing the future of Europe.

He recalled that, in Matteo Salvini’s words, they want a European renaissance, and they will be working together to this end in the future.

He took the view that there are many millions of European citizens who have been left without appropriate and effective representation in Europe because the EPP has forged a long-term commitment to cooperate with the European Left.

According to Mr Orbán, it is symbolic that they chose to launch their cooperation on Maundy Thursday; today’s meeting is the first station of a long journey.

They spoke much about their common values, including – beyond Atlanticist commitment – the values of freedom, dignity, Christianity, family and national sovereignty, he listed. He added that they additionally say no to the Brussels European empire, communism, illegal migration and anti-Semitism.

He said they had agreed to continue the work they had now started. They will next meet in May, probably in Warsaw, but this greatly depends on the epidemic situation.

The Prime Minister pointed out that they will not rise to any provocation, their values and positions are clear.

They want to put an end to the ridiculous political state of affairs that the Right only ever has an extreme edge, while the Left has nothing but a middle, he said.

He stressed that they stood for freedom, traditional European values, human dignity and a European policy that was more successful than today’s.

Mr Orbán described Mateusz Morawiecki as one of Hungary’s most loyal friends, and referred to Matteo Salvini as a hero for having proved as a member of the Italian government that it is possible to stop illegal migration at sea.

They are dominant figures of the two strongest European right-wing groups, he added.

He also said, at present, at every international meeting, the epidemic is the number one topic, and also on this occasion, they shared their experiences and urged the European Commission to accelerate the procurement of vaccines which was a pre-condition of curbing the pandemic.

They want more transparent and swifter vaccination in Europe, he added.