Hungary must preserve its Christian culture
15. 02. 2018.
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has told the local Hungarian weekly Veszprémi 7 Nap that Hungary must preserve its Christian culture.

In an interview published on Thursday in the newspaper’s latest edition, the Prime Minister said that “the culture in which every Hungarian feels at home must be preserved, and – regardless of whether someone is religious or not – that culture is called Christian culture”.

In relation to a current UN report on the subject, Mr. Orbán described recent migration waves as mass population movement. He stated that it must be made clear in UN forums – as has already been done in the European arena – that Hungary sees migration as a danger, and something which must be supressed rather than encouraged.

He stated that “Instead of moving masses of people from one place to another, we should concentrate our efforts on helping everyone where they were born, and on ensuring that in their own country everyone has the chance to live a life which preserves their human dignity”.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the National Consultation on the Soros Plan. He said that the electorate’s opinion on the matter coincides with his own, and this gives him “a great deal of strength and a robust mandate”.

He said that on this matter Hungary is united, with “a clearly visible and audible majority of Hungarians who do not want to live in the kind of country envisaged by George Soros”.

The large majority want a Hungary that is under the guidance of a national government elected by the people themselves, Mr. Orbán highlighted.

Regarding Hungary’s foreign affairs situation, the Prime Minister said that the cooperation of the Visegrád countries had never been as strong as it is now. He also said that in Brussels everyone must stand up for their own national interests, “and they must acknowledge that if someone stands up for their interests, there will be disputes and conflict”.

The Prime Minister stated that Hungary is engaged in a dispute – which is good news, because it means that it has the chance to fight for its national interests.

In Mr. Orbán’s view Veszprém has always been “a city of culture”, and this character is becoming ever more pronounced. He also said that in the city “the voices of past and present church leaders are worth heeding, as their message is not only for believers, but for the whole of the country, and the entire national community”.

In the interview the Prime Minister stressed that in Veszprém unemployment stands at only 1.64 per cent.

He referred to the observance of agreements within the Modern Cities Programme as “a point of honour” and “a test of political credibility”, making specific mention of the start of design work on the Aranyos Valley Viaduct, enlargement of Veszprém’s sports arena and development of the zoo. He said that the foundation stone for the city’s new swimming pool may also be laid soon.

Mr. Orbán believes that Mayor of Veszprém Gyula Porga has earned himself a high reputation among the leaders of cities with county rights. He also described Péter Ovádi, the local Fidesz-KDNP candidate in this year’s parliamentary election, as a talented, ambitious and dynamic young man.