Hungary stands by Berlin and is supporting Angela Merkel with further initiatives
19. 04. 2016.
During his visit to former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the German newspaper Bild that Hungary stands by Berlin, and is supporting German Chancellor Angela Merkel with further initiatives.

According to a report in the online edition of Bild, in his statement made in the former Chancellor’s home in Oggersheim Mr. Orbán said that “From here, also, I would like to send my best wishes to German Chancellor Angela Merkel”.

Referring to the “Schengen 2.0” plan, the Prime Minister said that “Hungary – and I as Prime Minister – stand by Berlin, and we are supporting Angela Merkel in the struggle to overcome Europe’s current challenges with further initiatives, such as our action plan”.

Mr. Orbán stressed that “in a period of major migration waves”, core European values such as freedom of religion, the equality of women or behaviour rooted in mutual respect for each other must not for one moment be called into question. The Prime Minister added that “we must not allow the development of areas within our societies which are outside the boundaries of the law and which thereby promote radicalisation”. He said that it was in this spirit that he described to his host the Schengen 2.0 plan, with which he wishes to contribute to the debate on the resolution of the refugee issue.

He added that “I am delighted that here, in his home in Pfalz, I again had the opportunity to meet Helmut Kohl, the master builder of a united Europe and the Chancellor of German unity”.

He pointed out that he enjoys a profound friendship with Mr. Kohl, “just as our peoples share a great common history”.

According to Bild, the Prime Minister gave the former Chancellor a special gift: the Hungarian-language edition of Mr. Kohl’s book, “Out of Concern for Europe”.

Bild has reported that the Prime Minister and the former Chancellor also issued a joint communiqué about their meeting, in which they highlighted that they fully agree with Angela Merkel on the underlying objectives, and that it does not help the cause or the individuals concerned if anyone “fabricates political differences” on the important issue of the management of the migration wave.

They added that the media speculation surrounding the visit in recent days was incomprehensible, and this does not correspond to the complexity and importance of the refugee question. According to Bild, the communiqué states that, from a humanitarian perspective, the best possible solution must be found on an issue of crucial significance for millions of people. They pointed out that Angela Merkel’s efforts also point in this direction.

They added that – bearing in mind the millions of people around the world who are suffering, and the threat of mass migration which is emerging as a result – it is not at all a question of whether Europe will help, but what effective humanitarian aid Europe is able to provide.

They stressed that “If we wish to preserve peace and freedom on a long-term basis and if Europe wants to assume responsibility in the world, there is no alternative to a politically united Europe”.