Hungary will not supply arms
07. 03. 2022.
Hungary must prepare for a rise in the number of refugees, and for providing care for ever more people, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on Monday, confirming that Hungary will not allow the transportation of arms from its territory to Ukraine.

After the meeting of the National Security Operational Group, the Prime Minster said in a video statement posted on his social media account that this is day twelve of the war, and they evaluated the situation.

He said the decree which “makes it clear that arms cannot be transported to Ukraine from the territory of Hungary” has been released.

According to Mr Orbán, it is a warning sign that military operations are advancing ever closer to the Hungarian border. This means that the number of refugees will increase, he added.

“We must prepare for providing care for ever more people,” he indicated, adding that they adopted the decisions that guarantee smooth cooperation between the authorities and civil-society organisations.

He said they also took a account of the week’s diplomatic steps as they will make renewed efforts “to restore peace”.

He said therefore, on Tuesday the prime ministers of the Visegrád countries (V4: Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary) will have talks in London, while on Thursday and Friday the European Union’s heads of state and government will meet in Paris.

“We will attempt to block the path of the war, and to open the way for talks that could lead to peace,” Mr Orbán said.