Hungary would be crushed by financial burden of migrants
12. 03. 2018.
Hungary would be crushed by the financial burden of migrants, we must talk about this openly, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview given to the Gödöllő local television Régió Plusz Televízió on Sunday. In the interview he pointed out we either spend money on developments, or we must build an “immigrant country” for migrants.

He argued that Hungary’s future is under a direct threat, namely the threat that Brussels seeks to turn us into an immigrant country. Brussels’ plan is becoming ever more evident; according to the latest proposal, we would be required to take in minimum ten thousand migrants.

The Soros Empire wants to turn the whole of Europe into an “immigrant continent”, and attacks anyone who is in its way: not only Hungary, but also the Czech Republic and Slovakia, added the Prime Minister who believes that anti-immigration governments in Central Europe are under a concentrated attack, and will continue to remain under a barrage in the future as well. There are some who would like Hungary to be flooded by migrants and to change similar to a number of cities around Western Europe, he said.

“I do not wish this for Hungary. I do not wish this for my own children (…), and neither do I wish for young people in Gödöllő to have to live in a world which is fundamentally determined by migrant policy and immigration”, the Prime Minister underlined, highlighting that the Hungarian people must be aware that this is an open and direct threat, and it is not only a threat to our security, but one that also has financial implications.

He said that even countries like Austria and Germany find it hard to cope with the problem of immigration, despite the fact that they are among the world’s richest countries. Hungary would not be able to bear this burden, he pointed out.

“We have plans for Gödöllő in vain; either we spend our money on these, or on having to build an immigrant country for migrants”, he said.

Either we raise pensions, or we spend money on migrants; either we have family benefits, or we have an immigrant policy – you cannot have both, he said.

Therefore, according to Mr Orbán, we should spend the money that the economy – that is now back on its feet – is able to generate on the Hungarian people, young Hungarians, Hungarian pensioners and Hungarian settlements, rather than on migrants and immigrants coming from faraway lands. We should therefore resist, we should protect Hungary, we should have a national government that stands up for the country, Mr Orbán said, adding that this is what is at stake in the elections.

He also pointed out that in Western European countries, in particular in large cities, the number of crimes has increased, especially those committed against women. “I do not see why we should choose such a future”, the Prime Minister said. Hungary is a safe and secure country, he underlined.

Concerning Gödöllő, he said that, regardless of disputes, the government removed the debt of some HUF 8 billion accumulated by the local government from the city’s shoulders, and developments worth HUF 7 to 8 billion have come to the region in recent years.

The government has always looked upon Gödöllő as a priority, and this will be the case in the future as well, he stressed, adding that this also required the hard work and efforts of László Vécsey, Member of Parliament for the constituency. Praising the Member of Parliament, he said that he could be relied upon in difficult moments. The construction of the new Gödöllő swimming complex, which will be fit to host competition events, is also a result of Mr Vécsey’s efforts. The construction of the facility may begin before the elections. There is a stated-owned property behind the site of the planned swimming complex which will also permit the construction of an ice rink in the second phase of the development, Mr Orbán announced.