I believe there is a good chance of enforcing Hungarian national interests
20. 10. 2022.
In a video posted on Facebook, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said he believes there is a good chance of enforcing the Hungarian national interests at the Brussels EU summit.

The summit of the prime ministers of the European Union’s Member States will begin within minutes here in Brussels. The most important question continues to remain how we are able to fight against energy prices that have gone through the roof, the Prime Minister said.

Mr Orbán stressed that the Commission had been months late in presenting the relevant proposals. They have now come up with one; however, it has a few elements which are diametrically opposed to Hungary’s national interests.

“Prescribing a regime of common, mandatory energy procurements is not in our best interests, and neither is the application of a common European price cap because in that case the agreements serving as the basis for the gas supplies coming to Hungary would cease to have effect and Hungary would be left without energy supply. This is contrary to the Hungarian national interests, but there are others, too, who share the same views as us, and so I believe there is a good chance that tonight we’ll be able to enforce the Hungarian national interests,” the Prime Minister stated in Brussels.