If the embargo doesn’t apply to Russian oil conveyed via pipeline, that is an acceptable solution for Hungary, but only in combination with guarantees
30. 05. 2022.
The solution that the European Council intends to opt for – that the embargo should only apply to oil coming from Russia via maritime transport, and not to oil conveyed via pipeline – is an acceptable one for Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated, arriving at the extraordinary two-day summit of EU heads of state and government in Brussels on Monday.

Talking to members of the press, Mr Orbán said this is a good solution for Hungary which would mean that an atomic bomb would not be dropped on the Hungarian economy, and it would be able to continue to function as before.

He highlighted what is at stake in the debate is that should something happen to the conveyance of oil via pipeline from Russia – meaning that if Russian oil ceased to come to Hungary – Hungary should have the right to procure oil via the sea and to transport it to the country by some other means.

“This is the guarantee we need. If I succeed in procuring the guarantee we asked for, then we’ll be safe,” the Prime Minister said.

In answer to a question he said Hungary is ready to support the sixth sanctions package the European Union is planning to introduce against Russia if it features a solution which guarantees the security of Hungary’s energy supply. “The present proposal is bad, however. We need solutions first, sanctions later,” he underlined.

The Prime Minister said primarily Western European oil companies stand to profit from the EU sanctions which means that they are the biggest winners of the policy of sanctions. Hungary has no access to extra profits because it would be required to implement projects, including the construction of a pipeline and the conversion of its refineries, which would cost a very large amount of money. Additionally, the product would eventually be more expensive for the Hungarian people than it is at present, he said. “We can’t allow that to happen,” Mr Orbán stressed.