Inflationary pension supplement to arrive between 10 and 15 November
01. 10. 2022.
Pensioners will receive the inflationary pension supplement between 10 and 15 November, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced in a video posted on his social media account on Saturday.

The Prime Minister said there are hard times in the whole of Europe, but even at times like this we must not lose sight of our most important, overarching national goals, one of which is the appreciation of pensioners in Hungary. He recalled that thanks to the economic performance of the past few years, we had succeeded in giving back the 13th monthly pension that left-wing governments had taken away from the elderly. “I regard this as a major achievement and a matter of honour, and so the same as this year, also next year every pensioner will receive their 13th monthly pension,” he said.

We will not stop there, however, he said, adding that due to the Brussels sanctions, inflation has increased further in the whole of Europe, including in Hungary. “Therefore, now for a second time this year, we will again pay an inflationary pension supplement which pensioners will receive between 10 and 15 November. And we won’t stop there either; in light of the rate of our economic growth, as far as I can see, we will have the possibility to pay Hungarian pensioners a pension premium also this year. According to our plans, they will receive this together with the November pension,” he said.

“Hard times, crisis or no crisis, Hungary is giving our pensioners their due,” the Prime Minister said on the International Day for Older Persons.