Instead of Hungarian families climate destroyers must foot bill of climate protection
26. 05. 2021.
Climate protection is important, but its bill must be footed by climate destroyers instead of Hungarian families, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on his Facebook account after the conclusion of the Tuesday afternoon talks of the heads of state and government of the European Union’s Member States.

In his video message, the Prime Minister said they had discussed three important issues. Regarding vaccines, he stressed that “Hungary is months ahead of the others”.

At the initiative of Italy and Spain, they also discussed the issue of migration as “illegal migrants are arriving on the European continent by the thousands”. They will debate this issue “in depth and in the hope of reaching decisions” next month. “Hungary continues to reject the idea that we take in migrants who arrived here and were let in illegally,” he stated.

He added that regarding the issue of climate protection, they discussed “who should foot the bill of climate protection”.

According to one group, it should be paid by the people in the form of taxes on fuel, petrol and housing. The other group, including all Central European countries, says that the bill of climate protection must be footed by climate destroyers, meaning that the price must be paid by large corporations. This debate will continue next month, Mr Orbán said.