Launch of targeted mass testing is this week’s foremost campaign in fight against virus
23. 11. 2020.
In a video posted on his Facebook account after the Monday morning meeting of the Operational Group responsible for the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán described the launch of targeted mass testing and the protection of the ongoing operation of schools as this week’s foremost campaign in the fight against the virus.

“We are fighting in elementary and nursery schools in order to prevent them from having to close down,” the Prime Minister said, stressing that last week the educational system stood its ground well, and the chances are good that the situation will remain the same also this week. Regarding targeted mass testing, Mr Orbán said 47,000 persons work in social institutions and 191,000 in educational institutions, and while testing is voluntary, he is certain that many will request to be tested. Two thousand university students have been enrolled in order to take samples for testing, he said.