Let us preserve Hungary’s peace and security
01. 03. 2022.
Let us preserve Hungary’s peace and security, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a video statement released on Tuesday.

There is a war in our immediate neighbourhood, Mr Orbán said in the video posted on his Facebook account this afternoon. He added that we must rise to the challenge threatening our security with determination and in unity as we did during the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis.

The Prime Minister stressed that today we are stronger than before, and together with our allies we are able to preserve our security. He added that the Hungarian economy, too, must be protected, we must curb the rise in energy prices. “We Hungarians shouldn’t be made to pay the price of the war,” he stressed.

He took the view that from our history “we know only too well” the consequences of war, and therefore, we cannot be dragged into this armed conflict.

We must be left out of this war, he pointed out. At the same time, we must help the Hungarians and Ukrainians who are fleeing the war, leaving their homes behind.

The Prime Minister said thank you for the fact that in the past few days “the country has moved as one” and has helped the people who are in trouble.