This danger threatens the possibility of a promising future as well

The Prime Minister pointed out that modern-day mass migration does not only threaten the things which we have, but also the things which we may have in the future: our prospects; the possibility of a promising future; and our children’s expanding European potential, which is only beginning to unfold.

The year 2015 brought to an end an age in which, believing that it was under Europe’s control, we took the protection and safety of our continent for granted, Mr. Orbán said.

He added that those who do most to endanger the future of Europe however are not those who want to come here, but the political, economic and intellectual leaders who are trying to reshape Europe against the will of the people of Europe. He went on to say that in Brussels and some European capitals the political and intellectual elite see themselves as citizens of the world – in contrast to the majority of people, who have a strong sense of nationhood. This is how, for the planned transport to Europe of many millions of migrants, there came into existence the most bizarre coalition in world history: the people smugglers, the human rights activists and Europe’s top leaders, he explained.

At the same time, Mr. Orbán emphasised that it is still not too late for Brussels to understand that we must face reality and that we must discard “utopian dreams”. The reality is that for a long time a world of parallel societies has been evolving with steady persistence, and this is forcing back “our world”; those coming here have no intention whatsoever of adopting our way of life, because they see their own as more valuable, stronger and more viable than ours, the Prime Minister explained.

What the European Union is doing is absurd

The Prime Minister said that what the European Union is doing is absurd: it is like a ship’s captain heading for collision who, instead of wanting to take avoiding action, is more interested in deciding which lifeboats should be non-smoking.

It is difficult to understand the weakening of our civilisation’s natural and fundamental instinct for the defence of ourselves: the co-existence of Europe’s free, Christian and independent nations, he said.

Among the values to be protected he mentioned equality between the sexes, freedom and responsibility, fair competition and solidarity, pride and humility, justice and mercy. “We are these things: this is Europe. Europe is Hellas, not Persia; it is Rome, not Carthage; it is Christianity, not a caliphate”, he explained, adding that when we say this we are not claiming that we are better, but that we are different.

Freedom cannot exist in opposition to reality, there cannot be individual advancement, or communal advancement; there is only failure, disappointment, bitterness, and finally cynicism and self-destruction. “Perhaps this is why one sees so many high-minded, unhappy liberal politicians needlessly reduced to roaming the streets of Brussels”, he said.

We must reinforce our lines of defence!

The Prime Minister also urged the reinforcement of the Hungarian lines of defence, and he informed his audience that defensive measures have so far cost around eighty-five billion forints, and “for this we can only draw on our own budget”, he noted.

Mr. Orbán announced that he has sent new military units to the border, deployed regular forces in Csongrád and Bács-Kiskun counties, and has ordered the defence and interior ministers to prepare for the erection of a line of defence on the Hungarian-Romanian border. If needed, we shall defend the borders along their full extent from Slovenia to Ukraine, he stressed.

“We shall teach Brussels, the people smugglers and the migrants that Hungary is a sovereign country, and its territory can only be entered by those who will obey our laws and accept the authority of our law enforcement and military personnel”, he emphasised.

The referendum is about the new European immigration system’s compulsory resettlement quotas, which will be on the agenda for March.

The Prime Minister explained that the referendum is not about the quota which has already been decided on, and which is being challenged in court by Hungary: we call the citizens of Hungary to battle, in opposition to the new European immigration system’s compulsory resettlement quotas, which will be on the agenda for March. We must halt the advance of Brussels, because its “insane immigration policy” against national sovereignty and the will of people.

Compulsory resettlement quotas have become the symbol of the times we now live in, Mr. Orbán said, adding that it encapsulates everything which has the potential to prise apart the alliance of European peoples. The quotas are being promoted by the federalists, those who want a “United States of Europe”, while the supporters of sovereignty want a Europe of free nations, and will not hear of any form of quota.

Mr. Orbán emphasised that Hungary must summon up all its courage, because Brussels is also threatening with financial retaliation for relying on the “ancient source of European democracy”, the will of people, in order to decide who we want to live with. “We are quits, and we have nothing to call each other to account for”, Mr. Orbán stated, adding that Hungary does not owe anything. After forty-five years of communism, Hungary opened its doors to Western companies and they repatriated as much money from Hungary as the European Union sent here.

Brussels must not turn against the European people

Mr. Orbán also stressed that Brussels must not turn against the European people: “the European Union must not be a kind of Soviet Union reloaded”, he said, emphasising that Hungarians shall not reject Europe, despite all its weaknesses, but we also do not want Europe to surrender the values of a millennium to the flood of people.