Minister without portfolio to oversee Paks II
10. 04. 2017.
The Prime Minister will appoint a minister without portfolio to oversee and review the Paks nuclear power plant project.

Viktor Orbán said this in response to a question during Prime Minister’s Questions from Bernadett Széll, Member of Parliament for LMP, who asked why a referendum is not being held on the issue of Paks. According to the opposition MP, the Government has never received any mandate for the project.

Mr Orbán said that Fidesz and the KDNP have laid their cards on the table, and he argued that the agreement underlying the Paks project was already concluded before the 2014 parliamentary elections. Therefore, he observed, no one can say that they were not familiar with the Fidesz/ KDNP government’s energy policy.

The Prime Minister pointed out that Fidesz supports nuclear energy and renewable energy sources equally. However, he added, the Hungarian people cannot pay the additional costs of renewable energy sources, and it now appears that nuclear energy will be the cheapest solution for some time to come.