New Hungarian legislation is a law about the protection of children and parents
24. 06. 2021.
The new Hungarian legislation concerns how children become acquainted with the difficult and complex issues of sexuality, and decisions regarding this fall exclusively within the competence of parents; this is a law about the protection of children and parents, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed in Brussels on Thursday, ahead of the two-day meeting of the leaders of EU Member States.

In answer to a journalist’s question, Mr Orbán said it is an honour for Hungary if any prime minister or the President of the European Council shows interest in a Hungarian legislative act.

“I’m happy to tell them that there is no law of any kind relating to homosexuality. This law is not about that; this law is about the education of children, their education regarding any sexual content,” he said.

It is always best to read something beforehand, and to only respond thereafter; this is the correct order of things, he added.

The Prime Minister highlighted that the legislation lays down that it is the duty of the parents to decide how their children become acquainted with issues related to sexuality. “At the same time, it is the duty of the state to create the conditions which enable parents to meaningfully exercise these rights of theirs. This is a law about the protection of children and parents,” he underlined.

“I am a committed defender of rights. I was a freedom fighter during communism when homosexuality was a punishable offence. I fought for freedom and rights which means that I also fought for the rights of homosexuals,” Mr Orbán said.

This law is not about that, it is about the rights of children and parents, he laid down.

In answer to another journalist’s question, Mr Orbán also stressed that sport is global, and we must be careful with political topics. In some countries, certain things are permitted, while in others they are not, he said. “If we confuse sport with politics, then we exclude from this era entire vast sections of life and those who share different views culturally such as ourselves. This is not right,” he said. He added that sports must be separated from politics.

With reference to the Hungarian football team and the Wednesday match against Germany, he highlighted that “we are proud of our team, this is a national team”.

“The fact that they fought in Munich with death-defying courage under the circumstances that everyone knows and could see for themselves makes us proud,” he said. The way they stood their ground is encouragement for every Hungarian, the Prime Minister added.