News reports about Hungarian veto are fake
07. 12. 2022.
News reports claiming that Hungary has vetoed the financial assistance to be provided for Ukraine are fake, the Prime Minister wrote on Twitter.

On the microblog site, the Prime Minister responded to news reports published with respect to the joint borrowing deal worth EUR 18 billion serving to assist Ukraine.

“Hungary is ready to provide financial assistance for Ukraine on a bilateral basis,” his post reads. The Prime Minister added: there is no veto and there is no blackmail.

The Prime Minister highlighted that they wanted to convince the Member States of the European Union that joint borrowing was not the solution in this situation.

If we continue on a downward path as a debt community, we will not be able to return, he wrote.

“We envisage a different future for Europe,” Mr Orbán wrote, adding that instead of an enormous joint debt we need strong Member States.