Next target is 5 million vaccinated persons
02. 05. 2021.
The target of the period ahead is no fewer than 5 million vaccinated Hungarians, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated in a video message posted on Facebook on Saturday.

After his meeting with the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Prime Minister said vaccines are readily available, they are able to vaccinate everyone, and success now depends on whether people will register for inoculation.

“The vaccine saves lives. Don’t listen to anti-vaccination voices, protect yourselves, your families and relatives, let’s reach the next target of five million vaccinated persons as soon as possible,” Mr Orbán said.

The Prime Minister highlighted that in the past two weeks in Hungary more than a million persons had been vaccinated which is a fantastic achievement.

Mr Orbán said thank you to nurses, physicians, general practitioners and everyone who provided technical support for the success of the campaign.