Only Fidesz is able to create peace
28. 03. 2022.
We must protect peace, too, and Fidesz alone is able to create peace, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated on his Facebook account on Monday.

In a video made in Szentendre, the Prime Minister-President of Fidesz said “peace and war, that’s the question, that’s what we have before us”.

We never thought there would be a parliamentary election where not far from Budapest, in Szentendre we must ponder “whether there will be peace or war,” that “so close to us some tragedy will occur which – as due to the short distance it cannot be ruled out – may sooner or later set foot here as well,” he said.

He was of the opinion that “we must keep our wits about us,” we must protect not only our incomes, our workplaces, our wages, our jobs, our families, but we must also protect our peace. “Fidesz alone is able to create peace,” he stated.

Mr Orbán stressed that “we alone are able to guarantee the security of Hungary, and we alone will protect Hungarian families”.

He told the people of Szentendre “on 3 April, let’s pull ourselves together, let’s organise our family members and acquaintances together, let’s call everyone we can count on, let’s go and protect Hungary together”.