Our homeland protects us from all troubles and dangers
02. 07. 2022.
We Hungarians need our country because it is our homeland that protects us from all troubles and dangers, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Saturday in Buda Castle, at the officer inauguration ceremony of the National University of Public Service.

The Prime Minister said “we must be strong, well-prepared and united because this is the only way we can ward off the threats that we are facing, this is the only way we can protect the Hungarian people’s peace and security”.

He added that there are many dangers as migrants in the hundreds of thousands are besieging our borders, the big cities of Western Europe are being shaken by terrorist attacks, for two years, a deadly virus posed a threat to us, and most recently a war broke out in our neighbourhood.

Mr Orbán highlighted that protecting law and order is the most important task of the state. A government that is unable to guarantee the security of life and property forfeits the right to expect cooperation from the citizens.

He recalled that there had been times when paramilitary organisations had “marched” in the streets and Hungarian citizens had been killed in a series of assassinations; but today, we live in different times.

Since the fall of communism, meaning in the past thirty years, in Hungary the lowest number of crimes were committed in 2021. As a result, today Hungary has become one of Europe’s safest countries, and Budapest one of its safest capitals. It is well worth appreciating this, he said, pointing out that in the coming decades the orderliness and security of a country will be among the greatest advantages in international competition. “The value of security will rise continuously, and order and security will be Hungary’s hardest currency,” he stated.

He added that the war that is being waged right next door to us shows that we must prepare for every possible scenario.

Addressing the attending graduates, the Prime Minister said the necessary means are available, and the government is able to offer law enforcement workers ever-improving conditions for the fulfilment of their duties. They will further improve equally the prestige, equipment, capabilities and qualifications of law enforcement, he listed.

He added that the calling that the newly-inaugurated officers swore an oath on is one of the noblest and most difficult callings with which he wished them “good health and much strength,” and then asked them to stay true to their oaths and to serve Hungary virtuously.

The graduates took their oaths before a replica of the Holy Crown and the historical flags in Kapisztrán tér in the presence of the Prime Minister, Interior Minister Sándor Pintér, Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky and the Chiefs of Staff.