PM Viktor Orbán’s press statement after his meeting with Helmut Kohl
19 April 2016, Ludwigshafen

German-Hungarian friendship is a special thing in Europe. It is based on a deep spiritual friendship, and Chancellor Helmut Kohl is a symbol of this friendship. I came here on behalf of the Hungarian people to express my highest regard, and to thank him for all that he has done for Hungary. Helmut Kohl is a great treasure for the whole of Europe. I would like to ask you not to drag him into any kind of current political issue, because he stands far above us, the active politicians of today. I can tell you that this meeting reminded me of Pope John Paul II in his last years, when his mental faculties were unimpaired and he was fully engaged with us, but his physical condition prevented him from expressing everything in a clear and detailed manner. This has been both an honour and an uplifting experience for me. Long live German-Hungarian friendship!

Thank you very much.