Police officers and soldiers to receive a ten per cent pay rise
20. 12. 2021.
The government has decided on a ten per cent pay rise for police officers and soldiers, the Prime Minister stated in a video posted on his Facebook account on Monday.

After having received police and military leaders in the Carmelite Monastery, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said they would also like to show their appreciation by providing an extra six-monthly salary as a firearms supplement for members of the police and defence forces next year.

“In the coming months and years, we will implement further significant pay rises in order to retain our police officers and soldiers,” he added.

On behalf of every Hungarian, the Prime Minister said thank you to police and military leaders “for the fantastic job they have done this year”.

He said without police officers and soldiers the country would not have been able to defend itself against the coronavirus.

“They also went to help out in hospitals and performed tasks in health care, but likewise without them neither would we have been able to detain the masses of migrants at the borders,” the Prime Minister said.

Mr Orbán highlighted that police officers and members of the military had stopped more than a hundred thousand illegal border crossers at Hungary’s Southern borders.