Press statement by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán following a summit meeting between the President of France and the prime ministers of the Visegrád Four countries
13 December 2021, Budapest

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I have been the host and the gentlemen have come to Budapest to exchange views on some important issues in European politics. We are grateful to the President for offering the V4 the chance to gain an overview of the plans and objectives of the French presidency of the European Union before it begins. Thank you very much. The following topics were discussed. Migration – exhaustively and in depth. The rule of law – exhaustively, in depth and with passion. We talked about the Western Balkans. We talked about the issue of energy, specifically the issue of nuclear energy and the ETS emissions trading system and its future. The opportunity to talk so openly about such important issues is very rare, and so on behalf of the V4 countries I thank the President for his openness and foresight, and for giving us the chance to think in advance about the main objectives of the French presidency.

Thank you very much. The floor is yours, Mr. President.