Press statement by Viktor Orbán after a summit of European conservative party leaders in Madrid
Madrid, 29th January 2022

I think that the policy concerning the climate run by Brussels has failed. So the idea that in order to defend the climate we have to raise the price of energy proved to be irrational. So we don’t do that. So we have to stop that policy and we have to stop Brussels imposing new taxation on car owners and flat owners, which is their plan anyway. We try to explain – the Polish and the Hungarians try to explain to our friends – that you live in Madrid, so what’s going on at the Ukraine–Russian border is not an immediate consequence for you. But for us who are living in Central Europe it’s a very important issue, and we ask everybody – all the member parties here – to argue in favour of peace and de-escalation. European security construction is important, a new European security architecture is important, but Europeans must be involved somehow in that.