Prime Minister Viktor Orbán concluded talks regarding the formation of his next government
13. 05. 2022.
Complying with the request of the President of the Republic, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán conducted a series of consultations regarding the formation of a new government, and reached an agreement with the ministers of his prospective government on the joint work of the next four years, Bertalan Havasi, the head of the Press Office of the Prime Minister informed the Hungarian news agency MTI on Friday.

He recalled that in earlier statements Mr Orbán highlighted we are facing a decade of threats; a war is under way, in consequence of which prices are rising sharply throughout Europe, the signs of a major energy crisis are emerging, European economies are facing trials, and we have not yet recovered from the era of pandemics. On 3 April, the people made a clear decision: they expect the leaders of the country to protect them from these threats, to defend Hungary. Hungary must be left out of the war, and we must give answers to the questions of the unfolding European economic crisis which enable Hungary to preserve the results it has achieved. Hungary needs a government that is capable of giving the right answers to the challenges facing the country. Mr Orbán developed the structure of his new cabinet and selected the persons leading the government in accordance with this logic, the press chief said.

Mr Orbán asked Zsolt Semjén to act as general Deputy Prime Minister; Mr Semjén will also work as minister responsible for nation policy, national minorities policy, church policy and church diplomacy. The Ministry of Agriculture will be headed by István Nagy, the Ministry of the Interior by Sándor Pintér, the Ministry for Construction and Projects by János Lázár, the Ministry of Defence by Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky, while the Ministry of Justice by Judit Varga. Mr Orbán invited János Csák to lead the Ministry for Culture and Innovation, Péter Szijjártó to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Antal Rogán to take charge of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister and Gergely Gulyás to act as the head of the Prime Minister’s Office. The Ministry of Finance will be led by Mihály Varga, while the Ministry of Technology and Industry by László Palkovics. Márton Nagy will act as Minister for Economic Development and Tibor Navracsics as Minister for Regional Development and the Utilisation of EU funds in the next four years.