Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with Medical Research Council about vaccination plan
05. 11. 2020.
The first draft of the national vaccination plan has been completed; this will be one of the topics of the meeting to be held with members of the board of the Medical Research Council, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a statement he made before the Thursday consultation which was posted on his Facebook account.

The Prime Minister said he had convened the academicians and professors in order to discuss the epidemic situation. He stressed that the situation was deteriorating in the whole of Europe, but it was now easier than it had been in the spring in that the ultimate solution, the vaccine was now within reach. While Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó is now in quarantine, he is engaged in ongoing talks about various vaccine procurement possibilities which will constitute the first topic of the meeting to be held. The second topic concerns the fact that the first draft of the national vaccination plan is now complete, and it will be discussed by the Operational Group shortly. However, “before that I’d like to consult the esteemed professors,” Mr Orbán said. The Medical Research Council is a review and advisory body attached to the minister responsible for health care which issues positions and makes recommendations on general ethical issues related to medical research, develops ethical guidelines with respect to the principles and practice of biomedical and clinical research, and may also initiate legislation in connection with health care.