Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with representatives of Chamber of Commerce
23. 03. 2021.
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had talks with representatives of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry about the rules introduced due to the coronavirus epidemic.

“Today, we had a chance to have talks with representatives of the Chamber. They’re feisty, they want reopening. They want the framework, the natural framework of shops, services and life in general to be restored, and they’re right. But they must also understand that protecting lives is the number one priority. As long as we haven’t yet vaccinated every compatriot over the age of 65 who has registered for inoculation, we cannot start the reopening of the country as their lives at direct risk,” the Prime Minister said on his Facebook account.

“At the same time, we accepted several proposals of the Chamber which are aimed at the introduction of more reasonable and nuanced regulations. In the case of shops, they’re asking us to change over to restrictions based on the sizes of shops expressed in square metres, instead of general closure. They have also made recommendations for rules relating specifically to shopping centres, while they have additionally proposed specific regulatory elements that are necessary for the resumption of services. The government will discuss all these proposals and recommendations tomorrow,” he added.