Prime Minister Viktor Orbán: Hungary will continue to receive gas and oil
25. 03. 2022.
In Brussels, common sense prevailed, Hungary will continue to receive gas and oil, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a video posted on his Facebook account on Friday.

The Prime Minister highlighted that in Brussels, late Thursday night after the NATO summit, they continued work with the meeting of the European Union’s heads of state and government; “here, too, the Ukraine-Russia war was on the agenda”.

He said a few countries again raised the issue that the sanctions should be extended to the energy sector, to coal, gas and oil; “in fact, the Ukrainian President himself – who attended the meeting via a video link – asked this of us”.

He stressed that “we considered his request, and then rejected it,” given the fact that 85 per cent of gas and more than 60 per cent of oil comes to Hungary from Russia. This sanction would mean that “the Hungarian economy would within seconds slow down, and then come to a halt,” he explained.

The Prime Minister pointed out that “this is unacceptable, this is contrary to the Hungarian people’s best interests,” and would in fact mean that we would be made to pay the price of the war. “Luckily, we’re not the only ones in these shoes, some other countries argued similarly, and so common sense prevailed, and Hungary will continue to receive gas and oil,” he stated.

Mr Orbán said on Friday morning they will continue the work, they will discuss the issue of extra high energy prices, and will discuss what should be done in Brussels in order for energy prices to decrease.