Prime Minister Viktor Orbán meets former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl
19. 04. 2016.
At a press conference following a meeting with Helmut Kohl in his home, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the former German Chancellor is a symbol of German-Hungarian friendship.

The Prime Minister said that the friendship between Germany and Hungary is an extraordinary thing in Europe: there is a deep spiritual friendship behind it, a symbol of which is Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

He explained that he travelled to Germany to express – on behalf of Hungarians – Hungary’s appreciation and thanks to Mr. Kohl for everything he has done for the country.

Mr. Orbán asked members of the press “not to drag” the former Chancellor into current political affairs, saying that “Mr. Kohl is a great treasure for the whole of Europe”, and that “he stands far above us contemporary politicians”.

Mr. Orbán added that the meeting reminded him of Pope John Paul II in his last years, when the Pope still had all his mental faculties, but his physical condition prevented him from expressing everything in a clear and detailed manner.

In closing, the Prime Minister said that “This has been a rewarding and uplifting experience for me. Long live German-Hungarian friendship!”