Prime Minister Viktor Orbán visited humanitarian transit point
22. 03. 2022.
On Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán paid a visit to the humanitarian transit point set up in the BOK Sports Hall in Budapest which was opened by the government in cooperation with charitable organisations for refugees from Ukraine on Monday, Bertalan Havasi, the head of the Press Office of the Prime Minister informed the Hungarian news agency MTI.

On Monday, Minister of State for Territorial Public Administration at the Prime Minister’s Office István György announced that henceforth only information points will operate at the Keleti and Nyugati Railway Stations, and refugees fleeing the war will be transported by bus from the two railway stations as well as from the Kőbánya Felső railway station to the BOK Sports Hall where civilised circumstances await refugees. In the sports hall, refugees now have access to food and drink, medical services and personal hygiene facilities. A baby-mother corner was set up for mothers with small children and a play area for children. In the newly designated facility, refugees are also provided with information on accommodation and travel options, he added.