Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will nominate Judit Varga for Minister of Justice
27. 06. 2019.
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will nominate Judit Varga, Minister of State for European Union Relations at the Prime Minister’s Office for Minister of Justice after the incumbent minister, László Trócsányi takes up his position as Member of the European Parliament.

Mr Trócsányi is also the candidate of the Hungarian government for the office of Hungary’s commissioner within the European Commission to be re-established in the second half of the year. As the EP list head of Fidesz-KDNP, Mr Trócsányi himself has the unprecedented, 53 per cent support of Hungarian electors which the party alliance received in the European parliamentary elections held in May, the press chief pointed out.

The Prime Minister consulted with the candidate on Wednesday afternoon, and based on this the Prime Minister will submit a recommendation to President of the Republic János Áder for the appointment of Judit Varga as Minister of Justice. Mr Orbán will initiate a hearing for Judit Varga before the relevant committee of Parliament with Speaker of the House László Kövér.

In the future European Union affairs will come under the Justice Ministry to be headed by Mrs Varga within the government.