Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wins court case against Altus Zrt.
01. 12. 2016.
The Prime Minister’s Press Chief, Bertalan Havasi, has informed that “The Budapest Court of Appeal has overturned the previous first-instance ruling, and accordingly Viktor Orbán has won his court case against Altus Zrt. res judicata”.

Ferenc Gyurcsány, President of the political party the Democratic Coalition (DK) had launched a suit because he objected to the Prime Minister questioning the legitimacy of a contract between Altus Zrt. and the EU, he said.

At a press conference in Strasbourg in May 2015, Mr. Orbán said that he had never seen “a party financing scandal like the one the EU has become involved in”. The Prime Minister added that “Under the guise of a business contract, they are giving European Union money to a company which is clearly also using these funds for party purposes”.

The court of second instance has now overturned the preliminary ruling delivered in May in favour of Altus Zrt., and has fully rejected its court action against Viktor Orbán.

“Mr. Gyurcsány’s company must now also pay the Prime Minister’s legal fees”, Mr. Havasi said.