Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s address after the Fidesz–KDNP election victory
8 April 2018, Budapest

Good evening, everyone. Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We won.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,

Today Hungary has achieved a great victory. I would just like to say a few restrained and succinct words, as when one scores a result like this, one should heed this old precept: now is the time for modesty, because one has achieved something to be modest about. First of all, therefore, let me to salute the electorate. Thank you for turning out to vote in this election. The turnout itself has been enough to dispel all doubts. I would especially like to express my thanks, my gratitude, for the loyalty we’ve received from those who voted for Fidesz and the Christian Democratic People’s Party, and who have stood by us in recent years. I would like to thank Hungarians beyond the borders who have helped to defend the motherland. I would like to thank our Polish friends, President Kaczyński and Prime Minister Morawiecki, who came here and gave us their support. I would like to thank all the assistants and volunteers. This is my message to you: it was good to fight alongside you! And I would also like to say some special words of thanks to those who prayed for us and for me. Thank you, we are grateful. I would like to thank the family members of all volunteers, activists and candidates who have shown us their patience and given us all their support. I would especially like to thank my wife, Anikó.

And as regards the result, Dear Friends, I can tell you that tonight we have emerged from a great battle and we have achieved a crucial victory: we have been given – and we have created – the opportunity to defend Hungary. We are not yet where we should be: our country, Hungary, is not yet where we would like it to be; but it has set out on the path it has chosen for itself. Together we shall follow this path. Thank you for all this.

Soli Deo gloria!