Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Facebook statement before the meeting of the European Council
01 June 2022, Brussels

We have just received the latest draft. Things are not looking good. At present, the Council wants to opt for the solution that the embargo should extend to Russian oil coming via maritime transport, not to oil coming via pipeline. That is good. Meaning that this is a good solution for Hungary. The second thing is that they are asking us that Mol and Hungary carry out investments – construction of a pipeline, conversion of refineries – which cost a lot of money, but at the same time, the product that will come out of these refineries will be more expensive than what we have today. Meaning that they are asking us to spend an enormous amount of money on the construction of a pipeline and the construction of refineries, and at the end of it all, Hungarian people will have access to much more expensive petrol. This proposal is crazy as it is. This is what I call an atomic bomb. We cannot allow this to happen. So, I think that if anyone should be given compensation, that’s not us, but the Commission.