Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s statement on Facebook following a video conference with the EU heads of state and government
21 March 2022, Budapest

Our meeting with the President of the European Council has just ended. Last week was not easy, but this week will be even harder: NATO and EU summits in Brussels. There are dangerous proposals on the NATO agenda. Some member countries have once more raised the idea of a no-fly zone over Ukraine. But NATO is a defence alliance. We are ready and able – and indeed obliged – to defend one another, but it is not NATO’s mission to engage in military operations outside the territory of our alliance. Hungary’s position is clear: we do not want to send either soldiers or weapons outside the territory of NATO . The other proposal we will have to deal with relates to Russian gas and oil supplies. We managed to settle this ten days ago, for ten days at least, when we made it clear that sanctions must not be extended to imports of Russian gas and oil, because that would impose a disproportionate – almost unbearable – burden on Hungary and some other EU countries, and would hurt us more than Russia, which is the target of the sanctions. Together with some other countries we will take action, and once again protect Hungary’s energy supply and the security of the country’s continued operation.