Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s statement on Facebook
1 March 2022, Budapest

War is being waged in our immediate neighbourhood. We must show determination and unity in facing the challenge that is threatening our security. This is what we did during the coronavirus pandemic and the accompanying economic crisis. Today we are stronger than we were before, and together with our allies we are able to preserve our security. We must also protect the Hungarian economy, and we must curb rises in energy prices; we Hungarians should not be made to pay the price of the war. From our history we know all too well the consequences of war, and therefore we must not be drawn into an armed conflict. We must stay out of this war. But we must help the Hungarians and Ukrainians who are leaving their homes while fleeing the war. In the past few days our country has acted as one, and has helped those in distress. I  thank everyone for this. Let us preserve Hungary’s peace and security.