Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s video message to Milorad Dodik
29 September 2022, Budapest

Hungary is a neighbour of Serbia and a genuinely friendly honorary neighbour of Republika Srpska. Therefore what happens there is also important for us: it has an impact on Hungary, on the whole region and, of course, it affects the lives of you, our friends. You are preparing for an important election. I know your president, President Dodik, who is a good friend of Hungary and of the Hungarians; and I, too, am proud to call him a personal friend. In him, I have come to know a man who defends peace, who is open to dialogue, who stands up for compliance with the Dayton Agreement, and who always – under all circumstances – stands up for the interests of Serbians. I have always supported him, and I would like to continue to work with him in the future. I hope that I will have the opportunity to do so after the elections. God bless all Serbs throughout the entire Balkan region.