Reformed Church nursery and elementary schools in Transylvania are refuges of Hungarian survival
31. 10. 2022.
On Monday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán welcomed in a message the attendees of the gathering convened to celebrate the refurbishment of the Marosvásárhely (Targu Mures) Reformed Church College, Bertalan Havasi, the Deputy State Secretary heading the Press Office of the Prime Minister informed the Hungarian news agency MTI.

Mr Orbán wrote: The time for joy and thanksgiving has come, the enormous amount of work and the struggle lasting for many long years have finally come to fruition: the Marosvásárhely Reformed Church College has been restored to its former glory. The Prime Minister thanked the locals for their perseverance, hard work and prayers.

Addressing the attendees of the ceremony, he said following in the footsteps of the first preachers and their confessor ancestors, despite all difficulties and intrigue, they did what their conscience dictated. “We Hungarians fought for our survival already when the Reformation arrived in Hungary and the land of Transylvania. The country torn into three was in ruins, even the very hope of welfare and glory appeared to be lost when the Gospel read and preached in the mother tongue gave the people renewed strength. Congregations and schools were formed, including the Marosvásárhely Reformed Church College which raised and educated a great many academics, teachers, church and secular leaders,” Mr Orbán wrote.

Today, he continued, when we look around on the anniversary of the Reformation, we see once again that Reformed Church nursery and elementary schools are being built and refurbished in Transylvania. These institutions are all refuges of Hungarian survival. Among them, the newly-refurbished Marosvásárhely Reformed Church College is one of the most significant. Today, all the conditions are given for young people dedicated to their native land – similar to their renowned ancestors raised here – to issue forth from this establishment, the Prime Minister stressed, wishing the teachers and students of the institution much strength, good health and successful work.