Registration and vaccination is the only way
12. 03. 2021.
Registration and vaccination is the only path that will lead us out of the present difficult situation, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in reference to the coronavirus pandemic in a video posted on his Facebook account on Friday.

The Prime Minister said they had spent less than 24 hours in Israel, and had conducted important talks, but “more about this later”. In Israel, he had the opportunity to see the first signs of life restarting after the epidemic, terraces and restaurants reopening, and business in general resuming, he said.

He stressed that the only means with which this has been achieved is vaccination, the vaccine. Registration and vaccination is the only path that can lead us out of this difficult situation, he added.

The Prime Minister highlighted that “the State of Israel is aiming for the title of world champion,” it is the country with the highest vaccination rate in the world today.

He said “we, too, would like to secure a prominent ranking in Europe,” but for this we need to procure vaccine deliveries, and for our citizens to want to get out of this difficult situation. Registration and vaccination is, however, the only possible way for this.

“This is the lesson we learnt during our visit to Jerusalem,” Mr Orbán said in conclusion.