Slovenia can continue to rely on Hungary’s support over the next four years
12. 05. 2018.
In Lendava/Lendva in Slovenia on Friday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that, as has been the case until now, over the next four years Slovenia can continue to rely on open-hearted and sincere cooperation with Hungary which strives to be mutually advantageous.

In the town’s cultural centre the Prime Minister met former Slovenian prime minister Janez Janša – President of the centre-right Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS) – and Janez Magyar, the SDS candidate for the Muravidék/Prekmurje region.

Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

Early parliamentary elections will be held in Slovenia on 3 June after Prime Minister Miro Cerar resigned following the Supreme Court’s annulment of the result of a referendum held last September. The referendum related to construction of a second track on a 27-kilometre section of the Koper- Divača railway line, which was a priority project of the Government, and was worth almost one billion euros.

In his speech at the event, Mr. Orbán highlighted that he is convinced that the fates of the Hungarian and Slovenian peoples are linked. He said that in the spirit of cross-border cooperation – which is one of the fundamental ideals of the EU – Hungary stands ready to work towards the economic development and strengthening of the Prekmurje/Muravidék region.

Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

He conceded that it is not his place to “interfere in Slovenian internal politics”, but he noted that the region cannot be described as developed compared with others in the country. Hungary, however, is prepared to work with the next Slovenian government to improve its situation.

In his opinion, for this goal a local candidate has been found who “understands the voices of both nations”, and whom he therefore wholeheartedly supports. Mr. Orbán observed that the candidate is a businessman, and therefore he can assist Hungarian-Slovenian cooperation with his sound knowledge of the economy.

The Prime Minister stressed that he went to Slovenia to show his support for Janez Janša, because it is in everyone’s interest for Slovenia to have a strong, stable, committed and brave government. For this, he said, it needs to be led by someone as committed and brave as Mr. Janša.

Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

Mr. Orbán stressed that his party and the SDS belong to the same party family in European party politics, and within the community of the European People’s Party they both represent the civic, national and Christian stream in European tradition. He described Mr. Janša as “a tireless warrior” in European and Slovenian politics, and “a loyal supporter of the ideals in which we also place our faith”.

Mr. Orbán said that on Thursday he had sworn his prime-ministerial oath, and on Friday he arrived in Lendva/Lendava to thank local Hungarians for their support in the Hungarian election campaign, which enabled Hungary to return a civic, national and Christian government. Although the region is home to a small Hungarian community, he said, “Little strokes fell great oaks”.

Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

Mr. Janša said that with his victory Mr. Orbán bears witness to the values which Hungary is pursuing in its strategic campaign within Europe, and these are battles which are important for the whole of European civilisation. He described the Hungarian prime minister’s victory as a guarantee for the future.

In the Slovenian politician’s opinion the protection of the Schengen Area’s external borders will remain a priority in the future, and Hungary has set an example on how this issue can be resolved.

Mr. Janša thanked Hungary for its support for the Muravidék/Prekmurje community.

Outlining his programme, Janez Magyar promised change, and encouraged voters to go to the polls.