Statement on Facebook by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán after a meeting of the Cabinet
25 May 2022, Budapest

The Government met today as well, and we reviewed the country’s economic situation. The war is dragging on, the sanctions policy from Brussels is not improving, and together these factors are leading to dramatic price rises. In Hungary today the reductions in household energy bills are protecting families, but the price of energy is rising further, and so it is becoming increasingly difficult and costly to protect families. Furthermore, we must also strengthen our defence forces without delay. Meanwhile rising interest rates and prices are enabling banks and large multinational corporations to make extraordinarily high profits. The Government has therefore decided to set up a fund for the protection of low household energy bills and a fund for defence. From these funds we will pay the costs associated with reductions in household energy bills and the reinforcement of the defence forces. We will oblige banks, insurance companies, large retail chains, businesses involved in the energy industry and trade, telecommunications companies and airlines to pay a large part of their extra profits into these two funds. These measures are limited in time, relating to two years: 2022 and 2023. We are asking and expecting those who are making extra profits in the current war situation to help people and contribute to the costs of the country’s defence. In line with our earlier commitments, in the prolonged war situation we shall continue to protect families, pensioners, jobs and reductions in household energy bills. Details and figures will be provided at tomorrow’s “Government Info” press conference.