Statement on Facebook by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán following the signing of a government decree on pension increases
13 December 2022, Budapest

I have just signed a government decree to increase pensions in Hungary by 15 per cent from 1 January. Due to misguided Brussels sanctions, the energy crisis is sweeping through the whole of Europe, and this is also affecting us Hungarians. We must defend ourselves. We Hungarians are defending our families through price caps and reductions in utility bills, but while mounting this defence we must not forget that Hungary has great goals which extend beyond these difficult times. One of these great goals is to ensure that pensioners can live in dignity, and that the value of pensions is preserved. We have achieved this goal every year since 2010. Now that we are increasing pensions by 15 per cent from 1 January, we will do so again in 2023. Pensioners can count on us!