Thank you to emergency medical service workers
11. 05. 2020.
On the occasion of the day of emergency medical service workers, in a video message posted on his Facebook account, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said thank you to emergency medical service workers.

The Prime Minister paid a visit to the Józsefváros ambulance station.

He highlighted that it is a fine achievement from a country of 10 million that it is able to operate 30,000 beds and 8,000 ventilators staffed with an adequate number of physicians, nurses and emergency medical service workers.

He told emergency medical service workers that everyone, not only the government is grateful to them for standing their ground, “for doing their best”.

In the video message, Spokesperson for the National Ambulance Service Pál Győrfi said he has been in the ambulance service for 37 years, and in his view, this line of work is one of the most beautiful occupations in the world. He said it is good to see that the emergency medical service is becoming ever more attractive also among young people.

10 May is the day of emergency medical service workers in commemoration of the fact that it was on this day in 1887 that the Budapest Voluntary Ambulance Association was established.