The battle that must be fought is not against the opposition parties, but against Soros’s candidates
22. 03. 2018.
At a forum in the town of Kisbér on Wednesday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that the most difficult issue in the upcoming general election is that the battle that must be fought is not against anaemic little opposition parties, but against opposition candidates who are not really the candidates of parties, but of George Soros.

The Prime Minister stated that “His network here has two thousand paid employees – we could call them mercenaries – who are working to ensure that there is a government in Hungary that does not serve you. The battle that we must now fight is a battle to protect Hungary.

He stated that if such people seek to turn Hungary into an immigrant country, then available money will not be spent in Dad, Kisbér, Bokod, Oroszlány and other neighbouring settlements, but an annual per capita sum of nine million forints will be given to migrants. “Migrants will gradually become an increasing part of our lives”, Mr. Orbán said, adding that the laws of demography are well known, and it will just be a matter of time before “our country is taken from us”.

This is the real challenge that must be faced, he said. “If we want to keep Hungary as a Hungarian country, then we need a national government, patriotically-minded Members of Parliament, and we need to unite to continue the work we’ve started”, he declared.