Thirteenth monthly pension to be paid in February
07. 12. 2021.
The thirteenth monthly pension will be paid in February, the decree regarding this was signed today, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on Tuesday.

In a video posted on his Facebook account, the Prime Minister said the meeting with members of the Council for Senior Citizens had just finished. “The past year and a half have taken their toll on our elderly compatriots especially, we reviewed what we could do for them,” he said.

He highlighted that we had managed to redirect the economy to the course of growth where it had been before the coronavirus pandemic; the economy is doing well. This November, all pensioners already received a pension premium of HUF 80,000, “but we wouldn’t want to stop there,” he stressed.

Mr Orbán said next year pensions will increase by 5 per cent, and they will also re-introduce “the 13th monthly pension taken away by the Left” which every pensioner will receive in February. The decree regarding this was signed today, the Prime Minister added.