This year has proved that we Hungarians belong together indeed
26. 11. 2020.
This year and the pandemic have proved that we Hungarians belong together indeed, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a video message he sent on Thursday to the 19th online meeting of the Hungarian Standing Conference.

Greeting the attendees of the Hungarian Standing Conference and the Hungarian Diaspora Council, the Prime Minister said this year things that are seemingly different in their nature interestingly coincide, including the one hundredth anniversary of the Trianon dictate and a pandemic. Both are trials, and “their having been connected together reminds us that trials are not historical; they are here with us every day of our lives”.

“Belonging together ties us not only to the historical past, but equally to the present and the future,” the Prime Minister said. He stressed that the pandemic was a trial also from the respect of “how true our reassuring, heartfelt and sincere wish is that while historical Hungary was cut into many pieces, we Hungarians belong together nonetheless”. This year has proved that this is not only a historical, not only an intellectual thought or tenet, but flesh and blood reality, Mr Orbán said.

“We have developed the closest possible cooperation with Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, while with the Austrians we have remained in almost daily contact. Meanwhile, despite political difficulties, we have also been able to provide assistance for the Hungarians living in Transcarpathia and Transylvania. We have proved that to us every life matters, lives both within and beyond the borders. “We have proved that not a single Hungarian is alone,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the pandemic is not over yet, and asked everyone “to continue to take good care of each other”.