Those arriving here from Ukraine are coming to a friendly place
26. 02. 2022.
Those arriving here from Ukraine are coming to a friendly place, in Hungary they will be greeted by friends, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated after he conducted a border inspection at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border in Beregsurány.

At the impromptu press conference, the Prime Minister stressed that for the time being front lines are far from Hungary, but we must prepare for the possibility that military operations might also take place in Transcarpathia.

“Meaning that as the line of clashes is moving ever closer to Hungary so our soldiers and mayors must act in an ever more disciplined manner,” he said.

He took the view that we will need even more presence of mind next week because we do not want to be entangled in this military conflict, the Prime Minister said.

In answer to a question, Mr Orbán dismissed news reports that Hungary is the only EU Member State that is opposed to the financial isolation of Russian banks as fake news and disinformation.

“You should prepare that in a war disinformation is general, […] at the Thursday EU summit, Hungary made it clear that we support every sanction that there is agreement on in the EU. We’re not blocking anything,” he added.

Regarding the situation that developed at the border, the Prime Minister said helpfulness will help local governments and the authorities through the worst. Compared with how serious the war situation is, everything is going ahead in an organised and calm manner.

According to Mr Orbán’s information, Hungary will let everyone in, including people without travel documents, as well as people coming from third countries after appropriate screening protocols.

“Meaning that at this point in time, work is going well. This, however, mustn’t make us rash or overly optimistic because the worst is yet to come. Let’s not forget that here, on the other side of the border, there is a war under way,” he said.

He further stressed that he can only say the best about Hungarians. Based on the mayors’ reports, the people living in the region are inclusive and helpful.

“As far as I can see, there is Hungarian-Ukrainian friendship between those who live here, and the Ukrainians are now enjoying the tangible benefits of that friendship,” he added.

In answer to questions from journalists, he recalled that in the past ten days, several European leaders, including the German Chancellor and the President of France, other than himself, made efforts with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We did everything that was humanly possible to avoid that which eventually happened. However, all the efforts of the EU, too, have proved to be unsuccessful,” he said.

In his view, we now must concentrate on returning from war to peace. At the same time, Hungary will implement everything that the EU sanctions list contains, he said.

Finally, in answer to a journalist’s question, about whether Hungary will also harbour Ukrainian men fleeing from military service, he stressed that anyone who enters the territory of Hungary comes under Hungarian jurisdiction, and so we will help everyone.

The rule is that all refugees must be helped, Mr Orbán said at his press conference held at the Beregsurány border crossing station.